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 Therapy and Rehabilitation

New Boston Health Care provides on-site Rehabilitation to individuals whose level of independence is threatened by physical injury or illness. Assessment and training in functional skills by licensed Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists helps the residents to achieve more closely their former abilities. With Restorative Nursing, in addition to patient and caregiver education, residents of our facility are able to continue to improve even when skilled therapy is no longer needed.

Stroke, Parkinson, Joint Replacement Surgeries and Amputations are just a few of the diagnosis the Rehab Teams are experienced in treating. With an array of clinical exposure prior to long term care, the therapists can address all of their residents’ rehab needs. Therapy is also provided to those who need it as an extension to hospitalization, to maximize safety and independence before returning home.

Visit our Programs Section to see additional medical programs available at our facility, and in our Services Section you will find information on our more general Nursing Home services.


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