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Skilled Nursing Care vs. Assisted Living

Selecting between skilled nursing care and assisted living can be difficult. In case your family member requires, a skilled nursing care facility might be needed:

skilled nursing and assisted living

skilled nursing and assisted living

  • Round-the-clock nursing care, particularly if the senior might stray if left unsupervised.
  • Assist with meals, personal hygiene, medications and portability.
  • More help the senior can no longer live alone or compared to the family or current caregiver can provide.
  • Assisted living communities are urged when the senior doesn’t require medical care than can be supplied in their property, but they do need more help.
  • Provide meals, housekeeping and transport services whether it’s to the shop, hairdresser/barber or a medical appointment.
  • Have a scheduled schedule of events for their families as well as residents that includes crafts and arts, field trips and current events.
  • Assist with personal hygiene, dressing and medications.
  • Have and/or a resident doctor registered nurse on staff.

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