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Skilled Nursing

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 Skilled Nursing Services: Wound Care

Chronic wounds and slow healing ulcers are a significant health problem in the United States. Wounds can be caused by a disease process, trauma, or pressure. Screening to find those residents who are at high risk for wounds is the first step for preventive measures. Routine head-to-toe assessments assist the clinical team in prevention and promote healing.

Residents’ physicians and treatment nurses, along with the other clinicians on the multidisciplinary team work with the resident and their families on a treatment plan.

 Skilled Nursing Services: IV Therapy

IV therapy may be prescribed for people who are dehydrated, who need antibiotic therapy, who are unable to eat regular food and need a special nutritional formula or for other medical conditions.

Intravenous therapy is a potential admission criteria for a geriatric patient to a skilled nursing facility. With today’s shortened hospital stays, more patients are placed in facilities that offer Skilled Nursing Services. This setting provides also an alternative to hospitalization if a resident requires I.V. therapy. An aging population, federal programs for the elderly and economic health care considerations are factors that contributed to the emergence of this setting. Projections suggest that I.V. therapy will become a more frequent treatment modality.

 Skilled Nursing Services: Enteral Feeding

Enteral Nutrition is an alternative way people can receive the food they need. Also called “tube feeding,” Enteral Nutrition is a mixture of all the needed nutrients. It is thicker than parenteral nutrition and sometimes looks like a milk shake. It is given through a tube in the stomach or small intestine.


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